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Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence (CBRNe defence)

The CBRNe defence, in general, involve all protective measures/assets that are taken/deployed in scenarios where chemical, biological, radiological and/or nuclear agents may be present (including terrorism, warfare, industrial accidents). This kind of scenarios can easily result in life-threatening situations and/or environment contamination which is difficult to remove.

Despite numerous EU activities to improve the European CBRNe resilience and protection, the threat of terrorist attacks involving CBRNe materials remains very high. The former attacks, such as those in Madrid (2004), London (2005), Oslo (2011), Paris (2015) and Brussels (2016) have shown the level of hazard and potential impact of CBRNe materials.

The Sensor Technology and Biometrics Team performs research on technologies and assets that can be deployed in all phases of a CBRNe operation (Preparedness, Prevention, Response and Recovery) and focuses on applications involving modern sensor networks. Moreover, the team has been developing various software tools supporting and enhancing the network performance (e.g. deployment optimization algorithm). Apart from the solutions directly targeting sensor technology, the team has been participating in the development of crisis management tools that can be applied for CBRNe defence scenarios.

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