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Research programes

Our first experiences within EU research projects come from the 4th Framework Programme undertakings, when Poland was one of EU candidate countries. From that time a scale of our presence in this kind of activities has been successfully increasing. So far, in co-operation with many international companies and global research centres, ITTI has been involved in dozens of research projects within 5th and 6th and 7th Framework Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, PASR and initiatives coordinated by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Nowadays, ITTI is one of the most active and successful Polish participants of EU research programmes. In 2006 the company was awarded the Cristal Brussels Prize for its extraordinary performance in the 6th Framework Programme in a category of small enterprises and in 2010 for outstanding achievements in Framework Programme 1999-2009.

European Commision (FP7)

  • FI-STAR – Future Internet social and technological alignment
  • DaVinci – Wireless communications based on LDPC codes
  • N4C – Networking for Communications Challenged Communities
  • INSPIRE – Security and protection via infrastructure resilience
  • TALOS – Autonomous patrol for border surveillance
  • BESECURE – Security in urban regions
  • FASTPASS – European automatic border crossing points
  • SECRICOM – Seamless communication for crisis management
  • HIT-GATE – Heterogeneous interoperable transportable gateway
  • ISAR+ – Online communications for search and rescue
  • ASPIS – Autonomous surveillance in public transport
  • DRIVER – DRiving InnoVation in crisis management

European Space Agency (ESA)

  • HMI – Human-Machine Interface in ground segment software
  • PRECISE TIME – Demand for precise time services via the Galileo system
  • SPACEMAN – SpaceWire network management tool

European Defence Agency (EDA)

  • UAV – Simulation testbed
  • UGELAS – Sensor Networks for Area Surveillance
  • ATHENA – Asymmetric Threat Environment Analysis
  • AUDIS – Acoustic Urban Threat Detector
  • CARDINAL – man-machine relationship for military
  • SIMS – Smart Information for Mission Success
  • MaSC – Modelling for CBRN defence architectures
  • TACTICS – Tactical service oriented architecture

Other programs and agencies

  • CITRINE – Traceability for rescues operations
  • INMOTOS – Risk assessment of ICT critical infrastructures
  • SG115 – NEC infrastructure for ISR data to field commanders
  • SG121 – Tracking for situation awareness in urban areas
  • SG137 – Industrial contribution to achieving interoperability
  • SG165 – Private Sector support to NATO Cyber Defense Action Plan
  • THIS IS IT – Fostering digital competence through volunteers
  • CIPHER – Cyber-security for privately held information systems
  • ENISA – Optimization of threat analysis process

Since 1996 we support companies and institution which use innovative IT solutions. We take care of our customers by ensuring that the technology really supports them and provides to them the real added value.

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